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Adam Submitter
Grand possibilities without any kind of pay!

The rules to get listed:
  1. No illegal stuff
  2. You site must be user-frienldy (I do not like pop-ups, blind links, etc)
  3. You must submit the index page of your site
  4. In order to be listed in our LL you must put our recips on your site. New buttons are here.
  5. Our recip must be placed above "enter" link on index page.
  6. I'd Like (only like:) to see my buttons with,,,,,,,,,,,
  7. Your site must be submitted in other LLs (we recommend 6 LLs)
  8. I don't want to see recips of this resources near our recip on the warning page. If you don't follow my advice then your site's rating will be reduced or it won't be listed at all.
  9. We do not accept sites that have recips containing more than 2 links (in the recip of one webspot)
  10. Our recip must be placed above "enter" link on index page
  11. We do not accept sites with free or slow hosting.
  12. For Pay sites: submit url of partnership program.
  13. Your ads shouldn't be very aggressive. Not more than 3 advertising links on one page and no thumbnails linked to sponsors.

I'm trying to send refusal reasons for each request, but if mistakes are same and regular, I stop to send letters. Most common reasons are:
  • widespread content (post something fresh or exclusive)
  • bad, uncomfortable or templated design of the site
  • you have cheats
  • complex reason containing reasons listed above
Link exchange:
I like link exchange:) welcome trade for Link Sites Category, main link page, and Webmaster page
contact me: admin [@]

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For text recips use MY ALT TAG's with 'sex' keyword! For example 'Free Sex', 'Free Sex Sites', 'Free Anal Sex'! Not 'PornVulcan' or 'Porn Vulcan'!!!

Friendly Traffic Sources:
Adult Films

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  • Short Description Field permits 200 characters length

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